4X4 Safari in the heart of Tahiti Island


With this 4WD excursion, discover the lush nature of the Fenua and the heart of Tahiti Island!


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Enjoy your stay on the island of Tahiti to discover the Papenoo Valley.

The Papenoo Valley was formed during the collapse of the crater of the Tahiti Nui volcano. Within its 91 square kilometers lies the watershed of the valley, representing 10% of Tahiti’s total area. Numerous archaeological structures, ancient habitation sites, basalt mines, and agricultural terraces can be found on this site. Formerly known as Ha’apai’ano’o (the gathering of all waters), the Papenoo Valley earned its name because the main river received no fewer than 35 tributaries over 15 kilometers.

The Papenoo Valley was also once called Te Mano Rahi (the 10,000 warriors) because for several centuries, it was a living space for major Tahitian chiefdoms. Thanks to its isolation in the heart of Tahiti, the valley has preserved numerous natural spaces largely untouched by humans, along with its cultural heritage. In the heart of the Papenoo Valley, many sites await exploration.

For your lunch, you will have the option to:

Option 1: Your guide will stop at the supermarket to pick up lunch supplies.

Option 2: You can have lunch at the Relais de la Maroto restaurant and choose a dish from the menu.


Advice: Wear hiking attire, closed-toe shoes, bring a towel, insect repellent, and carry a water bottle.






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