Kite Surf / Wing Foil in Raiatea


Introduction to Wing Foil / Foil / Kite Surf in Raiatea !


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Kite Surfing Lesson – 2 hours
Start by handling the kite, understanding its operation, and learning about wind direction. Once you’re comfortable, it’s time for some “body drag” – being in the water with the kite but without the board, performing exercises dictated by the instructor to progress in your learning. After that, you’ll put the board on and work on the “water start,” riding upwind and tacking in a lagoon with a thousand shades of blue.

Accessible from age 10


Wing Foil / Foil Lesson – 2 hours
We begin with foil towing, understanding its operation is a crucial step before handling the wing. The second step is positioning yourself relative to the wind with the wing, working on sailing upwind with and without the foil. The third step is gliding with the wind over our magnificent lagoon. Let’s go!

Accessible from age 10





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